USC Dedeaux Field

Clean it up and have your netting as clean and pristine as the rest of the field. Look at the difference between a local contractor and a professional installation by Judge Netting. Our…

Experience Counts: Over 1,000 Netting Solutions

Judge Netting has constructed more than 1,000 netting solutions through the years. Our solutions have included golf netting for entire courses, driving range netting, sorts field barrier netting, and industrial applications such as dust containment. A recent survey conducted by an independent consulting firm revealed the following unprecedented statistics from customers … 91.6% reported that […]

Everything You Need to Know About Landfill Netting

Last month we discussed the cost and design of golf and sports barrier netting. We would now like to take a few minutes to discuss landfill netting and what is involved in building, engineering, and designing a landfill (or litter retention) barrier netting. The major difference between landfill barrier netting and golf and sports netting […]

Project Focus: Bass Hill Landfill in Susanville, CA

“Off-site migration of wind-blown litter at Bass Hill Landfill was a tremendous problem. To mitigate the problem and be good neighbors to the down-wind wildlife refuge, a 30 foot high litter fence was erected along the landfill property boundary. Following a competitive bid process, Judge Netting was awarded the litter fence installation project. The Lassen […]

Why Materials Matter: Constructing Barriers that Last

Just like no two golf courses or landfills are the same, the same holds true for the netting structures that support them. Constructing a barrier can be a large expense, and it is tempting to skimp on the raw materials. However, it is exactly because your netting barrier is such a large investment, that it […]

Is your golf netting prepared for windy season?

For most of us, the beginning of fall marks cooler weather, falling leaves, and the end of daylight savings time.  It also marks the beginning of windy season; and for the owners of golf courses and athletic fields that means it’s time to give your sports netting a yearly check-up. High winds can quickly damage […]

Please Meet Our Newest Team Members

In an effort to say thank you, and to continue providing great service to all of our clients, Judge Netting is proud to announce some recent additions to our team. Please welcome Shonte Williams, our Administrative Operations Manager,Mara Perry, our Project Office Support Administrator, Adam Moro, our Work-In-Progress Manager, and Tammy Shad, our new Financial […]

Extending the Life of Your Netting: Know the 7 Warning Signs

Although netting barriers are engineered to withstand the erosive pressures of wind, rain and sun, unfortunately no structure will last forever. Without proper daily care, regular maintenance, and the occasional repair, the likelihood that your netting will need a costly overhaul sooner rather than later increases dramatically. Avoid the headache and frustration of a ruined […]