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Dos Lagos Golf Course Corona California

Owners of this club decided a few years ago to use a local fence company to install their warm up cage. When the cage became an eyesore and the netting deteriorated quickly, they called on Judge Netting to re cable and fix up the net. Judge Crews professionally and properly replaced and tensioned the cable […]

When Should I Replace the Netting at our Facility?

When should we replace our existing golf netting or sports netting? This is an important question and should be considered carefully and adequately budgeted and planned for. Based on our decades of experience and our close relationship with our customers, all netting (and in some cases cable and hardware) should be replaced from one to […]

Types of Poles In Netting Barrier

What type of poles should you use for your project? This is a frequently asked question when we meet with a new customer regarding barrier retention netting. Interestingly enough, there are several options available when selecting pole types for your barrier, and we will discuss them as they relate to the four most important factors […]

Why Golf Netting is Expensive?

“It’s only a Net,” why in the world is it so expensive?   This seemingly logical question from a potential customer is one we are frequently asked, after a site visit and submission of a no cost formal proposal and contract.  Hopefully, this blog post will clear up what is a common misconception about the […]

Benefits of Golf Netting System Installation

Golf netting systems are quite important in keeping the golf balls within the range play, preventing any damage to spectators and nearby properties from the potential damage the errant golf balls can cause. That is why hiring golf netting California experts are of great necessity to engineer and install safe and durable golf nets to […]

San Gabriel Country Club

The crew did a beautiful job on this Driving Range protective netting for the San Gabriel Country Club! With its gently sloping terrain, views of the San…

Bobby Bonds Soccer Complex

When the Bobby Bonds Soccer Complex in Riverside, California needed a strong, reliable, sports netting to be constructed, Judge Netting did not take the task lightly…

Diablo Creek Golf Course

We are proud to have completed another beautiful installation golf range netting, while protecting the course from possible litigation from nearby neighbors…