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As the exclusive netting supplier for Judge Netting for the past 12+ years, we have provided custom netting for sports, environmental and industrial projects. Dan Judge, from our observation, leads a crew of several employees in pole setting, mounting hardware and installing finished netting projects and can attest to the quality and care of his […]


I want to personally thank you for a great job at the 9-Iron Practice Center. I purchased this range in June of 2005 and it was in a tremendous mess and I have poured capital into it almost beyond my ability and it is people like you who help a man along. Not only did […]


I am more than pleased to write this letter in support of Judge Netting. In 2008, during the renovation of our Driving Range, Judge Netting was selected to install our entire netting system. During the project, they were always concerned about providing us they best product and service possible. Over the years, they have held […]


Please know that we at San Bernardino Golf Club are extremely pleased with the extension to our existing practice range. In addition we were impressed by the courtesy, diligence, and expertise of the Judge Netting crew. It’s not lost on us that the work you at Judge Netting do is tedious while being potentially treacherous […]


I thought it worthwhile to share with others the great pleasure we had with the installation. We worked with a company that I would strongly recommend to anybody. They are Judge Netting. These guys came in and installed a dozen poles in 2 days along with guy wires. This caused minimal amount of downtime whuch […]


Since we have put up our new netting from Judge Netting our profits have increased substantially, not to mention the fact that the safety for the Golf Course has increased. The appearence of the netting has greatly enhanced the value of our Golf Course and practice facility. In my eyes it was well worth the […]


..the quality of his work was exemplary. The homeowners were very satisfied with the work provided and the time frame in which it took to complete his work.


Off-site migration of wind-blown litter at Bass Hill Landfill was a tremendous problem. To mitigate the problem and be good neighbors to the down-wind wildlife refuge, a 30 foot high litter fence was erected along the landfill property boundary. Following a competitive bid process, Judge Netting was awarded the litter fence installation project. The Lassen […]


I must compliment you for the workers who represented your company on this project. They were polite; they answered our questions and concerns; and, they worked tirelessly, completing the job on time. You must be very proud of their professionalism.